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What to Expect
in a Reading

Every reading is truly unique, providing hope, healing, love, and inspiration. 

As an Evidentiary Medium, I connect with your loved ones in spirit by becoming a conduit between the spirit world and you.  I raise my vibration higher and they lower theirs and we meet in the middle. I use all of my senses to understand and connect with spirit to provide you with "evidence" or information to confirm their identity for you.  This includes hearing words or phrases, seeing images, feeling emotions, smelling familiar scents or odors, or even tasting a favorite flavor or food!

As the conduit, I can't control who comes through in a reading, but the Universe always knows who you need to hear from in this present moment. So, although you may want to communicate with a specific person, you may be pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected message from a loved one or friend, who wants to connect with you. 


During the reading, relax, take a deep breath, keep an open mind and heart, and receive the messages from your loved ones in spirit! 

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