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Your Thoughts

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Connecting to Source is easy. We designed you to be able to connect to us with ease.

Somewhere in the cosmos there is a thought that lingers from humans who participate in the reckoning of souls. Thoughts are forever. Putting them out in the Universe where they float forever is that powerful and should be taken seriously for, they change the dynamics of the world.

Where we are designed to set up thought, you are designed to create it. Creating something that powerful is magnificent. Only beware of your own thoughts…they will steer you toward something you want or don’t want…your choice.

Hear us today and heed the words we are writing for it is all true. Nothing you can do about changing the Universe, but the thing you can change is your thoughts. Love yourself. Stop thinking negative thoughts. They will manifest into unwanted things for you.

Guiding humans is what we do. Please be mindful of your thoughts in your head…they make a difference.

With great love for all,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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