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Your Soul is Calling

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Beautiful meditation today. We have much to share with the world if only you stop and connect to us here in the cosmos. It is easy. Stop and do your breath work…in for 8 counts... hold for 8 counts… release for 8 counts. Do this several times to feel our essence.

Your vibration will naturally rise when you connect and do your breath work. It is a simple process once you make time in your schedule. Do this as often as you feel the need. We are always here. It is with great love that we share our guidance and wisdom with you today.

Setting the intention to have a positive outcome will work every single time. Your energy goes where your focus is. Let us guide you, always, on your soul journey while you are in a human form. Once you have left that form there is no need to guide you, you will be part of us again.

We understand it is difficult to live in a human body… it is very dense while your soul is light. Living from a soul experience is the only way to experience life… no judgement… no fear…no wrong or right. These are human emotions and do not serve your soul.

Coming from a soul place is easy once you listen to it calling you… you just need to take a step toward that calling and trust it. Your soul will never lead you astray. It is part of us, and we are part of you.

Our guidance is here for you and everyone who will simply take that first step.

We await you,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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