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When the sh*t hits the fan

What do you do? How do you live in the real world with TYA tools to help you? It’s not an easy answer for it varies from person to person. Your experiences are what makes your soul grow so, therefore, you need those experiences in life.

How to use the TYA tools every day. We suggest you notice where you are on the vibrational scale. Are you up today? Or, are you down? This is the natural law of polarity …it can’t be changed. Use where you are on the vibrational scale to create experiences for yourself. Do not judge that you are down today for in the near future it will be the opposite. One cannot live in a state of 100% bliss…this is not realistic.

Using the TYA tools will help navigate the choppy waters of life. When you notice you are downward on the scale, do activities that make your mind “unplug” so you can reach a state of neutral. Then, use what you know to help raise your vibration to get you where you want to be. This can be achieved but it takes time…be patient. Do not beat yourself up in any manner because all experiences bring expansion and growth. That is the true nature of why you are here.

TYA has helped so many reach their desired states of being …and, beyond what they would have allowed themselves to dream.

It is simple….Make the commitment….Do the work….Trust us….We will not let you down.

With great love for all,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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