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Trust Your Soul

Updated: Feb 6, 2021


To answer your question...first, we need to discuss possibilities to clarify the situation.

You are recording our words as indeed given to you. We are pleased with your progress.

Travel the cosmos with us……we are here for you. We experience what you experience.

Your soul is conscientiousness and vise versa.

Please understand this for it will replay in your mind when we connect with you. Have faith that what you are doing is real. We know you still question this. We are showing you the way……Follow along with us. We will help change the thought for everyone willing to listen, learn.

Trust is important for it will open up many possibilities for you if you only allow it.

We have many questions to answer. Do you feel you are ready?…….we feel you are.

Trust this feeling you have deep down in your soul… has Never steered you wrong on your path. You don’t have to know where you are going, be in the moment and let it unravel.

Ideas come from many sources. Let them wash over you like the water drops in the rain. Getting wet is uncomfortable but leading you to a place of growth. Do this daily and connect to us. We are waiting for you.

That is all for today,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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