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Today's conversation with The Universe

Me. Why is it that I feel I am not connecting?

Do I need to refine my techniques?

Maybe today is not a good day to transcribe your words of guidance.

How is it that I hear you?

I am a curious human and want to know more about the Universe. Please connect and enlighten me.

U. We are here.

Me. Thank you for joining me this morning.

U. What can we help you to understand?

Me. Do you see through your channel or merely vibration?

U. We do see you, but in a vibrational form not a human form. We see your soul and the individual strand of conscientiousness that you are.

Me. Do you always hear me and my questions?

U. Yes, we are here to guide you always on your soul journey. You merely need to listen into your soul to find us. Raising your vibration will help ease this process. Do so as often as you desire, for we are always here for you.

T. Thank you.

U. Even when you doubt your connection, we are here. Even though it might be a weaker connection, so you think, it is you who get in the way of a stronger one. Release all fear and doubt and we can make this a productive connection.

We understand that it is difficult to let go of human things…. fear… doubt, but understand that if you do, you will be elevated to our level. From that height you can, you will, view your world differently…see the beauty, the possibilities, the possible growth of your soul. We have nothing but love for you.

From where we sit in the cosmos, you are a bright spot in the Universe. Many of you are becoming brighter and brighter with your expansion.

Your world is changing for the better but not all will help this expansion. Do not judge them for they are having their own experience and there is no judgement from us. We are encouraged that so many are tuning into us. We feel their presence and the expansion it brings.

Living from this higher place you will see your world with a different set of eyes. No more fear, no more judgement of others or yourself. Imagine how freeing this will be. Some of you have already experienced a small portion of this difference. We encourage you to continue to ask questions of us. We gladly give the answers.

With our continued guidance and love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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