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Start down a new path today...

We welcome you to another beautiful session with us… sharing our knowledge of all things with you and everyone else who reads these words.

Break free from the earthly bonds that tie you to the drudgery of life. Think outside the box today… ask, “how can I see the world differently?”

Take off the rose-colored glasses you currently wear and perceive the world as we intended you to. Wonderous things are all around... stop and breath in the beauty via all the senses of sight, smells, and touch.

Free yourself from the bonds today. Begin slowly by opening up to the idea of it. This will form a new connection in your mind which will grow daily with practice.

View all things from our perspective. Love every thing and every situation that arises today. Notice how you react to these issues. Are you reacting out of an old program or, are you truly in touch with yourself?

It is exciting to see the world in a different way. Like trying on a new pair of shoes… at first, they are uncomfortable but after a while they become so much a part of you. This is how you will feel after starting this new journey with us. Do not let judgement and fear rule your thoughts… let go and live a different way of life. Start down a new path today.

With great love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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