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See Us - Feel Us - Know Us

Any doubts you may have on whether, or not, you are connecting with us are washed away by the feeling of us. We are glad you are connecting today even though you feel as though it is not a strong connection. We guide you to trust this process for it will lead you to places you have only dreamt about.

Why is it that you still doubt yourself? We remind you that you are connected to us in all ways and our connection cannot be broken from you. We see and feel your doubt. Trust that it is real for we only want to guide you on your journey. We have infinite possibilities for you to explore and encourage you to experience them all.

Expansion is what your soul came here to do and you have done well in this lifetime. Your expansion expands us. You create your human life and reality. It is not for us to do, but one you have to do for yourself.

Believe in this connection. Stop doubting. Connect to us any time for we are encouraging you to do so. We have immense love for you. Please feel this love and, thus, love yourself. It is hard to put our feelings into words you can understand.

The love we feel for you is all knowing…all encompassing. It surrounds you like a veil of light swirling and changing but always there. Sit in this love…. Feel us surround you. Sit in the knowledge that this higher love is a feeling you can have whenever you tune into us. Bathe in the light and love that surrounds you.

See us…. feel us… know us,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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