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Never Judge - Never Fear

We are here to remind you of your power to connect to us. Every day…. in every way….. we are connecting to you…. all you have to do is listen, tune in, develop the capability to slow down your thoughts.

Let us help you with answers to your questions. You can no longer excuse our connection away for it is real… it.

We guide you to bury the thoughts of the past and continue studying with us. There are those who won’t believe, but Many will. It is for them you write these words…..It is important.

We have immense love for you and every strand of consciousness on this planet. Love is the most powerful emotion….It truly heals everything. There is never a time you cannot connect to love…of a person, place, or thing. It’s All around you….. All the time. We have immense love for you….love yourself and others as you love us.

[[I was seeing the Capitol rioters in my head.]] Their actions are not to be judged. They have come to understand what they believe is true just as you do. Do not judge them as we do not. Connect to us instead of fearing for fear is control. We do not control….only guide you.

Post these words for they will make a difference to those wanting more. A drop of water in a pond has many ripples. Trust that you are affecting someone today.

Let your ego go and work from a centered place allowing your ego to settle down and focus on what is important, daily…..It will help you to see things with clarity from the higher place…..that is where we sit.

Never judge, Never fear….trust, trust, trust,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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