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Trust, Trust, Trust

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Have you come to realize your potential? We guide you to meditate on this. Keep your energy up to connect to us. Distractions are ever present, but you can just breathe and connect to us.

What if we told you that millions of people were connecting to raise the vibration of the planet. Would you believe us?…..It is all true. The vibrational change is happening on your planet now…..bringing together millions who want change. Together we can expand our world.

Guidance comes in many forms. Signing the contract to heal this planet is most important. We will succeed in healing the planet...the vibration is higher than ever before. We can do many things by collectively raising our vibration.

Vibrational flow will always be with you as humans. It is important to understand this flow for it is happening all the time.....everywhere. Be aware of your vibration during the days…..Breathe to connect with us. Don’t allow doubt to overtake you…fear is not the way. De-tune it so you can live life full of contentment. Being happy is a choice…Make it so every day. Flowing to you in this way is possible even though you doubt it. Trust your ability to connect with us……It is happening all the time. Trust…..Trust…. Trust…for we can help you overcome all. We are not here to scold or beat you up……Don’t do it to yourself either. We are here as unconditional loving parents who want you to see it for yourself. We are here for you always.

We can be difficult to find if you don’t believe…. But, easy to find if you do. Connect with us daily…..for it is your natural way to be. Connect to us and ask the questions you need answers to. We will provide them willingly without judgement.

What do you want for yourself?…….We have infinite possibilities for you. It’s OK to not choose or choose…your choice. It is without judgement from us on what you decide to do for everything has value from our perspective. We are here to guide you….. not tell you what you want to hear. Life is difficult for humans…that is your choice. With difficulties you expand us and so expand yourself….We want nothing for you but to do this. Know that it is possible to do and be anything you desire. All you have to do is want and imagine it …. for it is within you to have. Seek out those that can help you along the way……Guidance is always good for this is where we come in….to help you and provide guidance to you and others to make a path your own.

Please remember these words as we leave you today.

Much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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