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Today has been a good day filled with unexpected fun.

Meditating is a form of linking your soul to ours….We are with you always.

Come and join us in meditation for we will feel all your essence. Breathe in the cool air and release worry and doubt from your mind.

Connecting is easy to do for those who seek us. We live in the cosmos and earth is a speck of dust from our perspective. Only when you zoom out can you connect to us. A higher perspective solves many issues. It provides the answers that you seek to the questions you have.

How are you to connect with us if not for meditation? Breathing will automatically connect you with us if only for a few seconds. Vibrational flow is always present whether up or down due to polarity. Polarity is always with you as humans. The experiences you are having with polarity are natural. Allow this as a natural state of being. Check yourself every day to view your vibration from our perspective. Are you up or down? There is no right or wrong answer, only where you are on the vibrational strand. As is with all things, we are guiding you to allow this flow for it will provide you with answers. As you vibrate higher allow these feelings to flow. Let them go...they no longer serve you.

You are magnificent beings of light carrying with you the DNA to support our connection. Believe it to be so. Diligence in connecting is necessary to provide guidance at a higher level. Set intentions for your day and trust the Universe that it will be so. Trusting is key. Don’t allow fear to overcome you in these turbulent times.

Time is passing very rapidly now….it is important to stay connected to us. We are here for guidance...thoughts...things that you question. We come from of a place of no judgment...make it so in your life as well. No judgement….no fear….trust that the Universe will provide all you need. Do not doubt this….it is important that you feel this deep down.

Thank you for channeling our words.

Much love,

The Universe ©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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