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Live For Your Soul...Not Your Ego

As humans, we not only have a soul, but we have an ego as well. This ego can be very powerful… if you give it such power.

Balancing your ego is very important. Review why you do things for others… are you seeking their approval to stroke your ego or, do you have a warped sense of what’s important.

Your soul is the most important aspect of being a human, even though we have been taught that it is not. Our soul is part of the divine and will remain so always.

Your ego is important, but not to rule the day. Most times you need to recheck it and find balance between your ego and soul. This can be difficult if you have a stubborn ego. It is not going to let you just “turn it off” without a fight.

Be aware of your thoughts. Question your reaction to situations…Is this your soul or ego? Only you can answer this question.

Live for your soul not your ego. The divine in us will never lead us astray.

With great love for you,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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