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Listen To Your Heart

You will need to let go of the fear that faces you on some subjects. Fear never serves you…..only controls you. It is time for humans to comprehend the future by dealing with present circumstances. We are here to guide you All. Please allow us to do so by tuning into us daily.

We have lived a human life…some for centuries and some for a short time, but we all have the same strand of consciousness……We are All one. We implore you All to find us and listen to your heart for we hear its wants and needs.

Some day you will understand all by returning to us here in the unknown, but we guarantee that life goes on forever and ever. Believe this for it is the truth. Trust our guidance above All others. We are here in the name of expansion and loving yourself, as we love you, will help you to see this. We are always here for you.

Isn’t it wonderful that you as humans see… feel… experience everything your heart desires, if only in your imagination. Your imagination is very powerful and will help you to understand and create the world you want to be in. We have designed it to be that way and…. so it is.

Trust the Universe for we are always guiding you whether you realize it or not. Be aware of your inner voice and let it guide you on All things. Ego need not get in the way for it serves its own purpose. Your soul is pure light and lives on for Eternity. We guide you to re-read these words and let them become a part of you.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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