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Just Breathe

We are here to remind you to breathe when frustration sets in. Breath work connects you to us. We are but a few deep breaths away any time you feel the need to connect….we are here.

Being human and living in a dense body can present problems…..we understand this. We guide you to connect and raise your vibration so you can solve problems with clarity.

Vibrational flow is important for humans. They need to realize that the Law of Polarity can, and will, take them down naturally, but they don’t have to stay down there for breath work can, and will, raise their vibration to a higher level. Remember this natural flow for it cannot change course….it’s designed to be that way. We guide you, now and always, to connect to find answers to your many, many questions. We will provide the answers….. gladly. For loving yourself enough to connect will lead you to places and your imagination will flow.

How can we convince you to connect to us? Good things can only come from this connection. Clarity… love of self…love of others… understanding the Universe and…. All there is. We have much love for you…always. Please believe this for love is all there is. Darkness cannot prevail over light. Light is needed at this time to show the way to others. You are all designed for light…..not the dark. Darkness takes over when you have lost that connection to us, but there is far more light than dark…believe this to be true…. for so it is.

We will continue this correspondence.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.

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