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Greetings from The Universe

We guide you to connect with us daily. We hear and feel your thoughts that are in your head… some you never share with others. There is no judgement on our part only love of what is. Connect to us to help you understand all things you question.

Vibrational flow is happening all around you. It is an unseen thing but is always there. Notice your connection to us even when you feel down. Soon after connecting you will raise your vibration and feel you are in a different state of mind than before. This connection is very special, and we guide you to always spend time with us.

You will have interruptions but do not let that deter you from connecting. Stop and then start again for we are here patiently waiting for you.

You doubt whether or not you are connecting, and that this advice is sound. Only by connecting time after time you feel its value. We understand that this is very foreign to you, but by meditating and connecting you are raising your default vibration. It takes time but you will reap the benefits…we promise this.

Suddenly you are waking up to this magical world. Yes, you have woken up before but never to the magic of the Universe. Let that sink in. See things from a new perspective. It is all waiting for you.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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