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Go With The Flow

We will guide you today to revisit your feelings on various topics. This is important for the vibration changes with every minute that passes.

Vibrational flow is always constant no matter how hard you try to feel the exact same way as a moment ago, it is impossible. Your feelings are important, and we do not judge them. Understand that we guide you to review where your vibration is at all times…Are you up or down? Only you can discern where you are on your vibrational scale.

When you are up everything is lighter, and you feel connect to us more than ever. When you are down you are unable to feel our vibration, so it is harder to feel the lightness. Do not judge where you are on this flow chart….go with the flow. Become aware of where you are without judgement. This is important so as not to hold yourself down in that lower vibrational state by judging yourself.

As you fall into the lower vibration, please just let it wash over you. Polarity has taken you down for a reason and that reason is to create experiences for yourself…some wanted and some unwanted. These experiences help our soul to grow. It is a dance between our soul and our human body.

Dance away your down times. Music is an important vibration to help you get back up on the vibrational scale. We guide you to take note of where you are and just trust the Universe to bring you the creation you so desire from a soul perspective.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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