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Get In A Calm State

Watching our little ones sleeping is a joyous feeling. The peace that is on their faces is one of deep contentment. We love to experience this peaceful feeling and beg the Universe for more of it. It connects us to simple times when everything was less complicated.

Your perspective is what you are noticing today. If you can appreciate all, whether wanted or unwanted, then you can move your vibration into a different perspective of it. Things will simply fall away with a feeling of ease.

Stop over complicating things. Just breathe in… then out. Do this several times until you feel your mind be in a calmer state. From this new calmer state, you can view your world differently.

Drink in the peace and wonder that you visually see. Listen and appreciate the little things. Appreciation will help you in de-tuning your triggers.

Stop and breathe. Clear your mind. Then take a new step in the right direction of clarity.

With these words we leave you,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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