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Find Love

We congratulate you on your diligence today. Every time you connect to us is a special moment for us….and you. We are always here for you. Thank you for connecting and being diligent.

We know it hasn’t been easy for you…. lack of confidence, but we have sent you support along the way. Believe it is real and there for you to access anytime you need. We are here Always…. and will Always be…. now and in the future. Our love for you is immense and you feel that when you connect to us.

Love is a powerful human emotion: beautiful…. resilient…. haunting…. joyous. You hear it in music…. poetry…. scholars’ words….. the sound of the wind in your ears….. you feel it in the warmth of the sun that shines on your face. Let your tears fall for they are an expression of love and the depth for which you feel it today.

Humans make everything so complicated when it does not have to be. Find love in the simple things. Connecting to us is love. Smelling flowers is love. A smile from a stranger is love. Be open to the possibilities for they are endless.

With these words we feel your tears rolling down your face…. tears of happiness and joy. So deep and wonderful is this human feeling.

Remember this always,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.

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20. 3. 2021

Than you for the lovely message, Terri!🙏💛

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