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Thank you for joining us today. Even though it has been a few days in your timeline, we are universal and time isn’t the same for us as on earth. We see your “busy-ness” and remind you to find time to connect.

Humans are so resourceful…you are going through a troublesome time and most of you make the best of this situation knowing that this too shall pass.

We remind you that everything you experience is expansion and manifesting is something you excel at as humans. Let the thoughts flow for they are expansion. Creative thought develops out of your imagination. Look around you…Everything that has ever been created is from someone’s imagination. You are so powerful. Keep imagining and pushing the boundaries of growth…along the way, imagining solutions to some things that don’t work for you as well.

Keep moving forward…don’t live in the past vibration of a situation that didn’t work for you. Pay attention to where your vibration is every day. Strive to keep it high and use your imagination even though you may be stuck in your homes right now. Your situation will change…We feel it is underway.

Nothing stays the same even though it appears to be that way. Vibration is ever changing but you won’t see its subtle changes. Keep connecting to us and raise your vibration.

Understand that there are days where you won’t feel as high, but they are fleeting. The ebb and flow of vibration is important for you to know. Just because you are feeling less than perfect today does not mean there is anything wrong with you. The Universe is designed to take you down in your vibration only to raise you back up again. It is a Natural Law and cannot be changed. Let these days wash over you. Be in the now and don’t concentrate on anything but the present moment you are in. This will help in the moments of doubt, despair and confusion you may feel.

Humans are marvelous creatures and can create anything in the Universe they desire. Only you can stand in your way.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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