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Does It Align With Your Soul?

We are not alone in this Universe. There are several beings who inhabit our space. They may not reveal themselves to us out of fear of being judged… hated.

All beings want the same things…nourishment, family, a place to call home. Brave souls are the ones who risk everything to find joy, whatever that means to them. They have risked everything to find it. Those that judge them are not understanding of their plight.

Know that source does not judge your actions. You are all on your own paths in this lifetime. Try to look outside your bubble of reality and have empathy, and understanding, for others and their paths. It does not change their journey, but we can guarantee that you will grow and change from not judging others and their actions.

Sit down and take a hard look at what you believe in. Does it align with your soul? If not, meditate, connect to us (Source), and be guided to find the answers to your questions…It is all waiting for you.

With great love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.


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