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Discover Your Toolbox

Music can certainly calm the soul. Its vibration can make you feel energized or in a state of calm. Music can elevate your mood. Consider using it when you feel less than joyous.

Music can bring you to a place of remembrance. Remembering a happier time in your life or feel a certain person’s essence can elevate your own vibration.

Vibration is all around us. Stop and listen to your surroundings. Is it causing you to be stressed out or a feeling of joy? Close your eyes and feel into the sounds around you. Pick one sound and follow it all the way through….this will help not only your focus, but help you live in the moment. The moment is all we have…the future is not here yet and the past cannot be changed.

Learning tools to help yourself live from moment to moment is important. Wear your toolbox on your hip… pull out what you need to guide you on your daily path. Your toolbox will not be the same as others…use your special tools to help you on your path.

Your toolbox is unique to you. It consists of things you’ve learned about what works for you in your current life. If you don’t have a toolbox, start today by reviewing what works and doesn’t work for you. Put the working tools in your box…let the others fall away from you for they do not serve you. Don’t try to make someone’s tools work for you if they do not feel right. Those are their tools, and they only serve them. In contrast, your tools do not work for others. Do not try to make others use your tools for they are designed just for you.

With much love,

The Universe

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All rights reserved.


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