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Color of Mourning

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

After my mom passed last week, I began thinking about the color black.

I always wondered about wearing black as a sign of mourning someone who had died, so, I Googled it. I guess in my busy life I had forgotten what I was taught as a child. Google confirmed It and reminded me that it has been expected for centuries to wear black as a sign of mourning out of respect to the deceased and their family. And, that one just did not wear any other color to stand out, take focus away or offend the family of the deceased.

I went back to the basics by asking myself, “how is the color black made?” I thought of a painter and how he/she made the color. I see, in my mind’s eye, all the colors being mixed to produce black.

Aha! this got me thinking further…. If we are all separate strands of consciousness (colors) and by mixing us together, then this explains the statement “We Are All One.”

Now that I have had my Aha! moment, I choose to think differently and break with tradition. Instead of the sadness, coldness, and emptiness I once felt toward the deceased, I now choose to celebrate their life cementing the idea that the love we shared will never die and I will rejoice in the accomplishments of their soul expansion.

My views on those wearing black at a funeral have also taken a 180 turn…. I believe that those wearing the color are coming together, blending, and standing together with me in my grief because We Are All One…. A comforting thought to be sure.

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All rights reserved.


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