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Thank you for hearing our words today.

Welcome back from your time away. We are still here and only wish to connect with you. Hear the words today and write them in your blog for we are here for everyone.

The message is clear today. Do not let fear guide your thoughts. Fear is controlling your every way of life. It is a way of controlling your thoughts. We guide you to de-tune fear. If you are watching tv and something is displeasing…turn it off. Don’t sit and listen only to bring your vibration down.


Vibrational flow affects everything and nothing. Vibrational flow is a wave of energy you cannot change so you must learn tools to ride the wave. When the wave brings you down, you must find in yourself a tool to stop letting it affect you…. your mind is very powerful. Letting it control you is an ego driven way to live. Live from your soul and your soul purpose. Balance your ego and soul, so as to live in harmony.

The ego will always grab your thoughts first. Learn to listen to your soul first for therein lies the way to happiness and a freedom you seek. Balance is the key. Find the center and stay as close to it as possible. You will have days where vibration will bring you down but realizing that you don’t have to stay there is key. Staying in a lower vibration will not help you connect with us. We guide you to raise your thoughts and vibration so as to connect with us daily.

These are our thoughts/guidance for today.

With much love,

The Universe

©2021, Terri Steele

All rights reserved.

1 comment

1 Comment

Mary Jane Brigger
Mary Jane Brigger
Mar 03, 2021

Beautiful Terri! Just what I needed today! ❤️

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