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Terri Steele

Healing, Hope, Love & Inspiration
Evidential Mediumship Readings

In my first reading with a medium, I had the opportunity to communicate with my brother, who had passed away in 2000.  Hearing his words and learning about what happened to him brought tremendous comfort to me. Although it was very emotional, I felt immensely healed from it. Knowing that my brother is okay, and that his love for me and mine for him never dies, will stay with me forever. 

When I discovered that I had these same gifts and was able to connect people to their loved ones on the other side, I committed to provide that same kind of healing, hope, and comfort to others in the readings they receive from me…..this is what inspires me to do this work.

Experience healing, hope, love, and inspiration!

Connect with your loved ones in spirit.  

Schedule a private reading with Terri Steele and hear messages of support from your family, friends, or ancestors.  

Recent Messages from Spirit

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